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We Build New Homes

Why Use Us?

Joyce Builders Ltd are an experienced construction and project management company that can build bespoke new homes from the ground up.

We have become renowned new house builders and developers across Lancaster & Morecambe. We pride ourselves on high quality construction of new build homes alongside varying individual designs reflecting modern day living.

  • Over 20 years experience.
  • Full project management from the architectural stages right through to the final build and finishing touches.
  • Members of The Federation Of Master Builders.
  • Total project management including the architectural plans, exterior, interior & landscaping development.
  • High class construction and materials.

Regulations & Legislation

All of our homes come with a 10 year certificate of guarantee from the NHBC.

They define the technical requirements and performance standards for the design and construction of new homes.
As we put you right at the heart of the project, we can advise and build in any scenario – whether it be urban or in the countryside.
Joyce Builders Ltd can cater to any new build design spec – so whether you want a modern eco-friendly home, or are looking at developing a modern group of new builds, we are can be your construction partner to get the job finished on budget.

Questions & Answers

Yes, you can see our registration on the following link:


Joyce Builders Ltd Registration

The new home guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind that should there be any problems with your home, they will be put right. The warranty lasts for 10 years, with the first two years covering work that we ourselves done. This is known as the ‘defects’ insurance period. Years three to ten are the structural insurance period.

This will be agreed in advance with a long stop completion date. It is also dependent on whether you have planning permission already, or need us to draw up plans and submit them for you.

Of course!


We put you right at the heart of the build. It's your project, so this is your call. We can also manage everything for you. So if you want a modern kitchen with a marble worktop, we can supply it. If you need bespoke joinery completed, we can do that too.

Again, it's your call!


If you are looking to build your own bespoke home, it can be hard to envisage exactly what your new build home is going to look like straight away. It’s a good idea to agree with us everything the property includes. Will the garden be landscaped? Are white goods included? Having this list up front will help you when it comes to the exciting part of shopping for your new home, as well as helping to avoid any misunderstandings later on down the line.